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a knock on the door stoped nonas racing thoughts.

"what do you wont" nona said siting up on her bed

"you have a mistion" the person on the other side of the door side

"k"nona got up and walked to the leaders office, she opeded the door and walked in.pain looked up from his paper that were in his hand.

"ah , nona you have a mision," the gave nona the papers "you must go to the hidan leaf village and kill a man that is threting to tell the hokage were are bases are" he contiued

"ok , so whos coming with me?"nona asked. she dosen't have a partner and gose with who ever is avalible.

" oh ur going with sasori"pain said

"sasori!?!'" nona said *hes the worset person to go on a mission with!* she thought

"yes is there a problem?" he qestioned

" no " nona said " when are we leave?"she continued

"now" pain said, nona roled her eyes and walked to sasoris room , she opened the door without knocking.

"are you ready to go?" she asked sasori who was reading a book

"go were?" he asked still looking at his book

" we have a mission ,here" she said giving him the papers

"oh k , let go " he said lazly standing up and puting down his book

they began there walk to the hiddan life village, sasori was in front leading the way, hes been to the leaf village but nona has not.

"so , how long till were there" nona asked

"well , we just left! so about 2 days!" sasori said with a pissy voice

"ok , you fucking puppet" nona said glareing at the back of him.

after about 5 hrs of walking the sun was seting

"so weres the next village?" nona asked yawning

"well , there isn't one till the leaf "he said *oh great we have to sleep out side*he thought

"what!!!!!, so were we sleeping?"nona said stoping

"out here" sasori said turning and looking at her

"are you serious?!?!"nona yelled glaring at sasori

"yes"sasori said "we can stay here " he said looking around at the small opening covered by trees" he contiued

"fine" nona said with a irritated look on her face

they bilt a fire and layed under the stars

"isn't that beatiful"said sasori stareing in to the stary night
nona was already asleep,sasori sat up and looked at nona who was on the other side of the fire pit.
sasori got up to do a lil bissness, he walked in to a covered part of the forest .

just then sasori heard a scream ,*nona!* he thought, he viped he paints and ran to the camp site, nona was siting up staring in to the fire.

"why did you scream"he said

"you were gone"she said

"so you screamed?"sasori qestioned

"ya "nona said puting her arms around her knees

"a , why?" sasori said siting down by the warm fire

"it scared me"nona said emaresed to say so

"ok?"sasori layed down

nona was silent and just looked in to the fire.

"what time do you think it is?"nona asked

"ehh 11 or 12" sasori answered

                                    -to be continued-
ya just kinda poped in my head
Shikas1nonlytruelove Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2009
that happens to me alot...maybe thats why i have so many fanficz^^;
narutoakatsuki77 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2009
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